cPHulk Blocked "root" Account


Jun 29, 2013
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Root Administrator

I was already logged in as root in WHM when, for some reason, I saw the "Invalid login" interrupting screen.
(maybe my IP address got reset, maybe network connection dropped... etc.)
Then I tried to login again, but the "Login Invalid" persists, so I knew that root was blocked. Obviously, also SSH root was blocked.

So, I manually accessed the machine, mounted the partition, chrooted the WHM directory, and disabled cPHulk using:
And also removed the touch file so that it keeps disabled after reboot:
rm enabled
Then rebooted the server and now I am able to login as root in WHM as well as SSH.

However, the problem now is that I cannot unblock root and re-enable cPHulk.
Knowing that I am not sure that whitelisting my IP address will unblock the root account, I tried
command, but I see
cphulkd is not enabled
error, and if I enabled cPHulk I will be locked out again!

Hence, the current situation is that the root account is currently locked, cPHulk is disabled, and I have root WHM and SSH access.
Thus, I'll be more than grateful if you can guide me how to unlock root account without unlocking other locked accounts (if possible), so that I can re-enable cPHulk and login to WHM as root and whitelist my IP address.

Otherwise, if this cannot be done, your advice about an alternative way to fix this situation will be more than thankful.

Kind regards.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can enable cPHulk via the command line and it won't restart the SSHd service or log you out. Enable cPHulk, and then add your IP address to the whitelist so that blocks to the "root" account won't lock you out.

Thank you.