CPPOP errors caused by specific email?


Sep 3, 2004
I may be a bit out of place here but I had something I wanted to bring to someones attention. I am a customer of a webhost running cpanel version 10.8.0-STABLE 59 according to the cpanel main page. Recently I have been having a problem where POP access to an email account hangs and never completes. We have had to resort to deleting email from the account to get email flowing again. According to my provider CPPOP is hanging on a malformed email. Attached I have included the email culprit with the email TO: addresses changed. If I delete all email in the account and leave this one I cannot POP this emai from the account, it simply hangs. If I have several emails in the account the others will come through until CPPOP reaches this one.

Conversely if I delete this emaill all the others will come through just fine. I'm not certain since this is likely cause by a bug on the senders part if you will even be interested in this but since it can cause CPPOP to hang while trying to retrieve email if a large email list were to send out emaisl malformed in the sam way it could potentially wreak a wee bit of havoc on a providrs servers while users fought to retrieve their email.


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