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May 21, 2003
I'm curious if anyone here currently using cpskins is having any issues after upgrades to cPanel? I posted in their forum but I haven't seen a reply. Are they still in business? Do they maintain their skins?

Thanks for your time!


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Dec 21, 2001
Not to offend William as he does have some nice products but you will find that product updates are generally not the most timely. Hence, we've decided to no longer use his products.


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Mar 8, 2003
The updates affect anything related to cPanel. Skins and all. If cPanel updates a way something is called, the skin wouldn't beable to call it correctly since it was coded differently. I can help with the updating of the skins if you want. Just holla back at me.


Jul 8, 2003
Plymouth, UK

I am at home at the moment, however I did get an e-mail from them a few days ago.

Apparently an update is due within the next few weeks. They used to update on a weekly basis almost, however recently things seemed to have quietened down, almost to the point of us removing all their products from our servers.



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Nov 5, 2002
i find that skins will become useless after a short period of time since the author lazy to keep up with Cpanel. I bought 2 skins in the past and end up not using it.

Bottom line: Buy it if you are not going to update your cpanel.

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Mar 5, 2002
Los Angeles California
I encourage people to learn HTML, it is easy to do a DIY update.

Anyway Cpanel old boys (since 2002) will know that there used to be a skin by the name of Deoskins. They looked really good and was the best around at that time. Cpanel XP wasn't even existent at that time. They disappeared from the scene completely in that very same year. Their skin were rendered useless since it got outdated.

Anyone here recall deoskins??? :D


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Feb 18, 2003
I remember Deoskins. I almost bought one of them. They made some excellent skins. I agree they were the best at the time. They inspired many developers to create some nice themes themselves. Shortly after Deoskins, many themes arose and many of them never even hit the market. I remember trying to build a few of them myself.

Alot of theme developers seem to have 3-6 themes on hand. Having a good selection of themes is always nice, However I think limiting the production of the themes a developer sells may reduce the the overwhelming task of continous updates for their themes. One theme is not much work to update on even a weekly basis. Having multiple skins to update will increase the burden upon them, and eventually lose their customers. I suppose its an ongoing battle for quantity over quality. Make a great skin, make the skin better with each update, make a profitable theme. Having prodigious ambitions doesn't necessarily render the most profitable outcome, and may preclude the further production of your business if you fail to keep your products updated.

I think when you purchase a theme from a developer, you should acknowledge the fact that most themes are seldom updated in comparison to how Cpanel updates. I do not think they should rely on theme developers to do updates. I really think these developers should be doing much more than they are (did). With that noted, perhaps you should purchase a theme with the intent of self updating, opposed to relying on them to continually keep updated. Fair or not, this is the reality of what has become of the production of Cpanel themes. If you are too busy, don't know HTML, or how to update a Cpanel theme. Perhaps buyers should look at themes where the developers are favorable in the area of product updating. I am not trying to justify why most developers have been negligent to update their themes.


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Apr 5, 2002
We are still around, we are redoing our skins, and are almost done. Our updates started to slow down once we started doing multilingual skins. The problem we had is that cPanel stopped posting what changed in the versions so i wasn't able to see what's new then I will admit our language file was a mess which is why I have pretty much totally redone our language file to make it clean and easy to upgrade and keep track of things. Also so that we can add as many different languages as possible.

An update is going to be released for all skins within the week. We are sorry it has taken this long we just have been dealing with 3 server moves and someone using the server I work on for warez and filling the hd to the point /cpanel wouldn't let me in.

Please feel free to email [email protected] if you want to be kept up2date we aren't going anywhere just 're-grouping' I guess you can say so we can get back to normal.

I do remember deoskins, I was actually given rights to do updates and sell the skins from deo. He was to busy with family issues and a family member in the hospital at the time. I still have both skins he offered.