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Jul 9, 2006
I need to create a catch all mail account but it seems that cPanel v.11 does not allow for it.

Any workarounds? Ideas? Suggestions?



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Configuring a Default E-mail Address as a "Catch-All" and using E-mail Forwarders

An e-mail account may be used as a catch-all by configuring the default address so that incoming mail destined for unrecognized e-mail addresses is redirected to the address of the applicable e-mail account.

While logged-in via cPanel, access the following menu paths:
cPanel: Main >> Mail >> Email Accounts
cPanel: Main >> Mail >> Default Address

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DefaultAddress < AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs < TWiki

On the E-mail accounts page, create your desired e-mail account, then, on the Default Address page, select the option labeled "Forward to email address" and enter the address of your newly-created e-mail account.

Please note that by using a "catch-all" this will accept e-mail destined to any unrecognized address at the the account domain involved, including possible Spam that may send to randomly-generated e-mail addresses. To reduce the potential for Spam and abuse, it is recommended to use the Default Address ":fail:" option labeled "Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time)" that returns an appropriate error to the sender such as "No Such User Here" if the e-mail address does not exist on your system.

An alternative to using the default address as a "catch-all" would be to create a dedicated e-mail forwarder for each specific e-mail address that you wish to make available; this can be setup via cPanel at the following menu path:
cPanel: Main >> Mail >> Forwarders

Related Documentation:
EmailFowarders < AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs < TWiki

If root SSH access is available, e-mail forwarders and the default address setting may be checked using the following command (where "domain.tld" should be replaced by the applicable account domain name):
# cat /etc/valiases/domain.tld
If there are no forwarders setup yet, at minimum the valiases file should still contain an entry for the default address, such as the following example that uses the aforementioned option labeled "Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time)":
*: :fail: No Such User Here
Additionally, if a "Domain Forwarder" (i.e., domain-wide e-mail forwarder) is setup, it can be checked using the following command via root SSH access (where "domain.tld" should be replaced by the applicable account domain name):
# cat /etc/vdomainaliases/domain.tld
If no domain forwarder exists then the file will be empty or blank; this is normal.
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