Jun 27, 2011
Passaic N.J. USA
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Hi, I am new to using VPS and I opted for:

OS Template: CentOS 5.6 (cPanel/WHM — 64-bit)
Now this is my first time setting up a VPS (actually it is a cloud server) now I naturally assume they are a C-Panel reseller and I perhaps foolishly did not go along with their $50 one set up and had downloaded the Centos OS along with C-Panel on my own.

My question is, because I:

1) Have not done this ever before
2) Have not allowed the Reseller to charge me the one time $50 for the set up that includes the name servers and C-Panel with WHM...

3) Do you think in my case it perhaps wise to request the following all at once:

A: The sliders and choices make it seem that this is a true cloud hosting service and its price seems reasonable, i do prefer Simple Scripts (over Softaculous) and was told by someone else everything is separately required like PHP "handlers" or MySql.

What I am really simply trying to do is create my own "Cloud Hosting Reseller" yet I have used the system set up by others with some difficulty.

The final question is about the billing license which seems to be the heart of the reseller. Does HostBill have some established system where I could obtain C-Panel form them along with what ever else is needed, or does it all need to go through this cloud provider out of Toronto?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It's up to you on whether you feel setup assistance is required. If you feel comfortable installing the OS and cPanel on your own, then feel free to do so. We do have documentation on installing cPanel available at:

cPanel Installation Guide

The license questions should be directed to those specific companies if that's where you plan to purchase the licenses from. If you plan to purchase licenses directly from cPanel, you can find the prices at:

cPanel/WHM - Pricing

Thank you.