Jun 28, 2008

I have a cpanel server, it's a replacement for an old ensim server so I am busy moving sites across.

Last Wednesday when I moved one over it wouldnt show the index page, just the cpanel page, eventually I removed the site and re-added it then it all worked fine, today I tried to move another site over and noticed the following.

When I cliked create account the create page in WHM was all out of shape, it just looked wrong for example the Package bit usually has the Choose a Package red and green lines of whats available are next to each other rather than under one another. I continued and it seemed to create it ok so I uploaded the files and waited for the DNS to update, it loaded the page but all images were broken, so I deleted the image folder and re uploaded it, same problem, removed the site completely and re-added it, same thing.

Any ideas where to look or what to do as I can't add any sites if its going boobs up, please help