Create new email from filter? Or cron / script?


Sep 27, 2007
I receive about 5 emails per week that I want to know about within 1 hour of arrival. I could previously rely on an SMS gateway from my mobile phone provider, so I simply forwarded these specific emails to the SMS gateway to be received. However, that service has now stopped.

There is a free alternative that I have tried to use, which works if I create a new email "to" this address, however when it is a forwarded email (i.e. where "to" and "forwarded-to" are different addresses) the free alternative treats the incoming mail as spam and does not forward to SMS.

Are there any options in email filtering which would help me here? I am on cPanel 10. Could I have email filter create a file in a directory on the server, and then have a cron-job email that to the SMS directory (and then tidy up the file from the server)? Or would I have to run some other script against the mail account?

Any help gratefully received!