Create script for install Invision Board ?


Jun 22, 2006
How do I create script for install Invision Board ?.
I tried to created, But it's not work correctly. I got a folder for installation only. Any one can help me? :confused:


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Jul 28, 2003
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Unfortunately for you, help for such a task will likely not be available on this board, as they would be assisting you in breaking legal copyright on IPB.
Any distribution of IPB pre-2.x is no longer permitted... hence why it is not available on their site anymore for public download. It's also VERY buggy and unsupported... no more patching available against the dozens of exploits that it's now vulnerable to. Distributing 1.x could result in complaints against your upstream provider, pressuring them to shut your server down.
2.x is not free in any way, and without a legal license... well, you face the same pressures as with 1.x builds.
While IPB is a decent board, and was at one time the top of the freebie options, it's simply not one you can be looking towards anymore without risking your server in the process.

This is exactly why cPanel stopped distributing their IPB script.