May 29, 2011
Hello everyone!:)
I want to give my clients the option to create a subdomain for them to build their sites.
I'm layman on the subject if talk some bullsht excuse me.
I want to create a page where my clients may create subdomain on my main domains that are added in cPanel,'ve looked everywhere and have not found anything that could help me.
To understand better see this page, that's exactly what I want to do
If you notice in (account information) you will see that the customer enters the desired name and automatically says it is available or not, and there are also two options for domain, in my case I have 7 domains in which my clients could create their subdomains.
Sorry for my bad English. :rolleyes:
Thank you in advance for all responses.


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Dec 17, 2009
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Hi JhonathanReis,

It is possible to do what you want, but you'll likely want to hire a developer if you not familiar with programming. But that is your choice ;)

To accomplish those tasks you'll need to use our cPanel APIs, which you can find documented here.
Specifically, you'll want to look at these modules and their functions:

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Also, we have a Discussões em Português if that is more comfortable :)