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Mar 4, 2014
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Hi Everyone

I am quite new to CPanel and WHM so if this is a stupid question then please forgive me. I have been searching around the interwebs and I still haven't been able to find anything that a

When a new account is created is added for I would like to automatically create a and have some files that are included in there by default. This is just for one of the reseller accounts. Is this possible?

Thank you


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. The inclusion of files during account creation is achievable through the use of a skeleton directory with the reseller account. Documentation on this is available at:

cPanel - Skeleton Directory

Note that this document explains how to set it up for the "root" account. You would use the reseller account username instead of "root" if setting it up for a reseller account.

2. The automatic addition of a subdomain during account creation might be a little more difficult for a new user. It involves using a post account creation hook as documented here:

Standardized Hooks - Intro

You may want to hire a developer to implement something like this for you.

Thank you.
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