SOLVED Create WHM account from already created Linux account


Sep 1, 2020
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If this is a question that's already been answered, please point me to it. I've tried searching but haven't found anything relevant, but that could be due to the keywords I've tried searching.

I am in the process of setting up a new server which has WHM. I am pretty new to WHM, but I'm more familiar with Linux than WHM. I manually created a few dozen accounts inside of Linux, but when I try to create an account in WHM using the Linux account (`whmapi1 createacct username=linuxaccount`), WHM throws the error `This system already has an account named`. Is it possible to somehow create a WHM account that uses a Linux account I've already created? Like some kind of command that I can use on the command-line that will create the WHM from the Linux account? I am hoping to use `whmapi1` if possible, but I'm not sure which call to use.

Thank you.

I ended up pulling the account list from `/etc/passwd` using `cat`, copied and pasted requisite contents into VS Code, used some regex with find and replace inside VS code to remove the extraneous details, and made a couple shell scripts to delete both users and directories. I then took the same list and added the `whmapi1 createacct` command using some more find and replace regex magic.
Thanks anyway!
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Nov 14, 2017
I'm glad you were able to find a solution for this, WHM assume by default assumes the accounts don't already exist and in the future, it is best to create accounts using WHM rather than manually creating them.