creating a cloud ftp drive for a user


Aug 20, 2007
Here's the goal:

Create disk space within an account that would be used (mainly as a cloud FTP drive) and managed through CPanel.

So far I am able to mount the drive just fine using s3fs I mount it to /home/domain/public_html/ftpdrive Works great, I can create ftp accounts that will use that space, connect using an FTP client transfer files and folders.

The problem is only when I want to create a new account on the server using WHM the account gets created in /home/domain/public_html/ftpdrive/domain2/... (I can easily after that move the account back to where it should be using the rearrange an account function from WHM)

My questions are:

1- Can I do this mounting the drive somewhere else then linking to it? (This would be my preferred method)
2- Mount the drive as is but have the new accounts created in the right spot from the get go?
3- Would there be an easier way of doing all that?