Dec 26, 2002

I just want to make sure that I am doing the right things for creating account.

1. For Reseller, when creating an account, I need to assign 2 IPs to the reseller for their DNS.

1a. From WHM, Reseller Privileges/Nameservers, I assigned the 2 IPs to the primary and secondary nameserver.

1b. From WHM, Manage Reseller Ip Delegation, I restrict the 2 IPs assigned to the reseller that can use for creating account.

1c. From WHM, Manage Reseller Main Shared/Ipless Ip, I choose 1 of the IPs I assigned to the reseller as Shared IPs.

2. For reseller to create an account for their clients.

2a. As the reseller has 2 IPs, does it matter which IPs they assigned during the setup of account? Or, simply use auto assign?

2b. Do the reseller need to reserve an IP for themselves and creating all account pointing to the other IP?