Creating Email Identity


Oct 14, 2010
I really hope someone can help me here as I'm staring to go round the twist with this problem...!

I am logging in to WebMail via Horde, where I have several email addresses that I can receive emails from. When I create an email, it defaults to my email address #1 as the sender. I want to be able to send from any of three email address identities though.... So, I clicked on 'Options' and selected 'Personal Information'. Here it allows me to create a new identity as well as the default,which I do. Great! Next I test that this is working by creating a new email and there I have two options for email identity - the default and the one I have just created. Double great! However, once I have finished and logged off it doesn't retain this information - the next time I log in, the email identity I have created has vanished and I'm left with just the default identity - Arggghhhhhh!
Please can someone help me - Its probably me, I'm probably doing something really basic wrong but I need someone to help me as I just cant figure it out myself.
Thanks so much.