Dec 12, 2011
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Hi all

I have a few questions and i hope some one could please help.

I have created a dedicated server at home centos 6l, I assigned the centos setup a static ip address and port forwarded all incoming traffic from my router to the static ip address of the centos setup. I then installed cpanel.

after installation i typed in the browser my ip:2087 and it took me to whm panel login. (Great it works)

here's my question.

I have three domains

www. mydomain1 .com
www. mydomain2 .com
www. mydomain3 .com

These three domains point to and and the nameservers are setup and point to my ip i have assigned to the centos server at home

hows does the server at home know which domain name to show? how does cpanel distinguish which domain name is being requested and show that account.

My other question is.

I want to create my dedicated server in to 4 vps server.

I have 10 static ip address from my isp

heres what i thought and my understanding

install centos 6 as a basic server. assign a static ip to the centos setup and port forward to that static ip (lets say ip 123.456.45.80 as main static ip)

install openvz and create 4 vps each installed with centos 6 and cpanel

each creation of vps would have 1 static ip assigned to it upon setup lets say

vps 1 static ip 123.456.45.81
vps 2 static ip 123.456.45.82
vps 3 static ip 123.456.45.83
vps 4 static ip 123.456.45.84

all in coming traffic in my router is forwarded to ip 123.456.45.80 so if i entered 123.456.45.82:2087 in my browser would the traffic go to that vps account? would the main centos setup know that's part of that vps on its system.

if this understanding is not correct could somebody please help with how this is achieved.

thanks in advance
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