Creating php/html pages on different accounts


Jul 14, 2006
Hi all,

Please excuse me if this has been posted somewhere as I could not find it. If there are other posts regarding the subject I would love to know about them.

Basically I would like to offer my hosting clients some special promotional pages that they can host on their own accounts. What I need the WHM system to do is physically create these pages on the clients own account.

Clients visits our company members area where they have the choice of using one or more pre-made promotional pages (could be a promotion for a hosting account). So they select the page they want, and then the software pulls their personal information (name, image, account) and uses this to create a promotional page on their own account.

Now I'm pretty sure we can create a software that will pull the clients details, but how would we go about creating a script that automatically creates a php/html page on that particular clients account?

Thanks for any help - much appreciated!