Mar 3, 2014
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Hi Guys, first post here. Not sure if this is the right place to post but here it goes.

I have a number of cron jobs which suddenly stopped running. I get notifications when crons are run, but since I get so many of them i have to admit I don't check them all the time. When i went back and checked the mails, there were no new notifications. After checking my junk mail i see those missing notification. Instead of the normal mail which shows the response of the cron, the body of the mail contains a viagra spam email!

I checked the cron logs and it shows my php files are getting called but after testing none of them are actually running. I have to assume that something is hijacking my cron job and calling a hacker file each time a cron is run.

Maybe this explanation is too vague, but i would appreciate any help on where they could possibly have modified my code.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

First, check to make sure "crond" is started with a command such as:

service crond restart
Next, check the integrity of the PHP scripts that are called with the cron jobs. Make sure they are the original PHP files and have not been altered to produce malicious content.

Thank you.