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Aug 13, 2001
Just a brief question to those that include the &edit cron jobs& (scheduled tasks), whatever it is, within your skins- are you having any luck with it?

On probably 4 out of every 5 machines that are attempting to use it, it doesn't do shite- as in, it sez it's inputting the entry to the user's crontab successfully, but if you go into that user's cron on the server in question, it is completely empty. Yet on some machines it seems to function perfectly fine. I see no rhyme or reason for why this works or why it doesn't- granted in this particular issue I have no clue technically what is going on behind the scenes.

Has any one had any luck with this in recent weeks/months ? Is there a thread buried somewhere I've missed that discusses this?

If anyone has a clue, thanks! ;)