Oct 8, 2006
Ok is there any permissions issues possible weather it be su id, etc.

Any cron i make with

perl /pathtosrcript/script.cgi

doesn't work - the cron shows up in the /var/log/cron but the script doesn't execute.

I can run the script from SSH and it runs just fine.

I know that cronjobs are working because cause that go thru

/usr/bin/php /pathtoscript/myscript.php

work just fine.

Is there anything special I have to do to make those perl scripts work ? Any special permissions etc?

Here is the tail of the cron log
[email protected] [/]# tail /var/log/cron
Oct 25 12:16:01 web02 crond[31538]: (makebeer) CMD (/usr/bin/perl /home/makebeer/public_html/cgi-bin/cron.cgi)