Jan 28, 2013
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Dear community,

I am a small business owner with a Small VPS running WHM / cPanel and overall, I am very happy with everything. Since a couple of days my WHM installation updated to version WHM 11.38.1 and this, from my understanding included a few new functionalists such as AppConfig.

What I have noted now is that CSF has some new security checks in relation to Appconfig, and I was wondering if I am 100% safe to follow up and apply CSF's recommendations (disabling the 4 items as per my attachment) without actually "breaking" something. I have a pretty basic WHM installation , the only "extras" that I have installed are NGINXCP, ConfigServer Security&Firewall, ConfigServer Mail Queues, ConfigServer MailScanner FE - these last three items seem to have already been automatically registered within Appconfig, altough NGINXCP hasn't and does not either show up in the Appconfig list.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me with my question.

Thank you very much,


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I have moved this over to the "Security" forums for you.

The options that CSF recommends you disable are mostly self-explanatory. I don't foresee any problems if you disable these options based on the addons you have installed, however I recommend consulting with NginxCP directly to determine if their application will work normally with these options disabled.

Thank you.