CSF Install Question - before starting


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Nov 16, 2001
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I have a quick question for you on the install of csf.
I followed the directions completely. However, it didn't say where I should be at in the server before beginning. It must have made a difference.
What directory should I move into before wget'ting the file to my server? ie: what directory should I have the file in before untaring it and running the install.sh???

I logged in as root in my server, in the root directory.
Got the file, read the instll.sh and it showed that it would install it in another area. /etc and parts in /usr/sbin. so I went through the install.

Intalled fine. Worked in the WHM fine.
Seemed great. Right up until I took it out of test mode.
All ports locked out. When rebooted, csf came right back on and wouldn't allow us in. ssh, whm, sites - every port locked down.

I read that you should be able to reboot the server and get back in, but it kept restarting csf and blocking the ports before we could get in.

finally after many hours, they were able to get in using the consol to uninstall csf.
I would hate to make that mistake again.

Where should I be at in the server when starting this process.

I asked on chirpies thread, and sent an email to their support, but have got no reply from either in 2 weeks. I really want to get this installed because it has so many good features.

Thank you,
Tim L