CSF issues with log files


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Oct 8, 2006
Ok, so I thought CSF would automatically limit the size of the log. I guess not, I now have a HUGE log for it and that isn't good. What do I need to do so the log doesn't get so large.

If I need to SSH in, what file(s) would I remove so reset the log? Do I just delete these files or what?

Sorry for the newb questions.


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May 20, 2003
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I think if you read closely the configuration page you'll find ways to drop some of the logging. For example:

Enable logging of dropped connections to blocked ports to syslog, usually /var/log/messages

Enable logging of dropped connections to blocked IP addresses in csf.deny or by lfd with temporary connection tracking blocks

Only log reserved port dropped connections (0:1023). Useful since you're not usually bothered about ephemeral port drops

Also adding ports to:

Commonly blocked ports that you do not want logging as they tend to just fill up the log file. These ports are specifically blocked (applied to TCP and UDP protocols) for incoming connections

Should help. ;)