May 11, 2006
I'm quite new to using WHM and I have a question about installing cURL. I have a pretty fresh system, running WHM 10.8.0 and cPAnel 10.8.2-R8.3

I have a banking api that I need to use to interact with an SSL certificate I have installed. It states in it's docs that cURL is required.

I have read that to install cURL, I need to use the Update Apache link in WHM. I suppose I'll need to ensure that any modules that are currently checked need to remain checked (I don't think that I have any extras installed beyond the basic install, which was performed by cPanel)
and then add cURL.

1. But there are two: Curl (Version 7.15.3) and Curl SSL Support (Version 2.8.27) - do I need to select both?

2. When I restart Apache after that and it rebuilds - do my live sites become inaccessible while that build is taking place and for how long?

3. Finally - and I know that this one is tough to answer but - can I really bollocks my sytem if it doesn't rebuild correctly?

I guess what I'm asking is, is there anything more to the install of cURL that I am missing, and on a scale of 1 to 10 maybe, what are my chances of running into issues while doing it that will pooch my server? (If it's over five, I'd better hire someone to do it - less than that and I might take a shot:)

Sorry for the basic nature of the questions, but I'm pretty new to this.

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 18, 2004
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Hopefully this will provide you with a little insight:

1) You will be requiring cURL to deal with HTTPS certificates, so yes, you will need to compile it with SSL support.

2) AFAIK (I haven't studied cPanel's Apache installer incredibly thoroughly), the actual configuration and builing of Apache, cURL and PHP take place while your webserver is live, it is then stopped, the new files moved into place, and the webserver restarted. All in all I'd say a very short period, probably less than a minute, of downtime.

3) I've done hundreds of Apache reinstalls, and very rarely does the install fail. Typically I only see it fail when the server owner made a grave mistake when setting the server up.

I'd say give it a shot; if things go haywire, we'll still be here to help you.


Apr 17, 2005
that would explain why when attempting to update and selecting cURL, it didnt get installed, being that ssl is required and I am running ferora core 2, would this be correct? and the only way to enable cURL with extentions is to change the OS ?