Custom Domain for Whitelabel with CNAME

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Linux (Centos 7.9)
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92.0 (build 11)

Shane Hicks

Aug 26, 2018
North Carolina, USA
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I have done a bit of research around the internet and was unable to come up with a viable, working solution. I partially found a bit of what I was looking for on stack overflow, but didn't really find a solid answer. From what I found, I think I should use a CNAME record on their and point it to ours?

Just to recap, I am looking for a viable solution to allow my clients to point either their subdomain ( to our subdomain (

Surely this is something that is pretty standard procedure? Perhaps I am going about the whole process wrong?


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! In general, in order for Apache to display web content, the domain name has to be created so Apache knows what vhost to serve. Are you setting up the domain alias in cPanel? If so, they would just need an A record pointed to the IP of the domain on your server for their subdomain and that would get traffic pointed to your server.


Feb 23, 2021
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Yes, you are right. I also think that you have to create A record for your subdomain. In A record you have to add IP address of destination server and if you want to access your subdomain with www then you can also create CNAME for that. But first you have to create A record for your subdomain, it will point all your traffic to new server.