Custom Error Pages (404 / 500 / etc) and error logs


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Jul 4, 2007
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In apache error_log I got -on average-
499.000 lines of 500.000 are errors of missing:
404.shtml , 500.shtml, 403.html, robots.txt and favicon.ico.

That's messes things arround when searching logs, plus the space and io for all those lines. :D

I know I could create them in cpanel-skel but I already got hundreds of accounts in multiple servers.
Plus, this doesn't work for addon domains and subdomains.

So, is there a way to "tell" apache to use specific error files for all accounts/domains only if these users don't have their own files in their public_html ?

Or else I believe I should grep and awk the "DocumentRoot" of httpd.conf and so help me God with it,
copy and chown files if not already exists, but I am a bit scared doing that.
(Except if there is another way around too)