Oct 6, 2008

I have a client who has explicitly stated they would like an FTP "drop box" to upload large RAW image files to. However they want a "normal" username and password to access the ftp site.

For instance they would it set-up as below:
server: ftp.domain-name.com
user: username
pass: password

What they do not want is to have it set-up as below which seems to be the only way I can make an FTP drop box via cPanel

server: ftp.domain-name.com
user: [email protected]
pass: password

I know I have personally accessed plenty of FTP accounts where the username is simply "username" as opposed to "[email protected]". How exactly is this accomplished?

Many thanks in advance for assistance,


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Aug 6, 2003
Linux users can access ftp via username only, that means every cpanel user can get into the system without domain.ext .

I would suggest that you dont make a seperate account because it will be hard to keep track of disk usage but if you did simply create another linux user that user would have ftp access to their home directory.

The problem with having users without extensions "under" cpanel accounts is that names will fill up, you would not be able to have [email protected] and [email protected] for instance.

I dont understand why the customer wants "username" as an ftp login. If the users who has access to cpanel is the person that will be accessing the ftp they can just use the cpanel login.


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Jun 1, 2002
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explain to the 'complainer' that [email protected] IS a user name.

If they insist that they must have the name they want, it is possible. You can move them to a dedicated server, for which the costs are more.

I usually find that once you put an honest price tag on a special, unusual request, it is suddenly not that important.

If they continue to want it their way, you could also tell them the other advantages of having their own dedicated server, like a lot more disk space, greater security, etc.