Custom Outgoing Boxtrapper verification Emails per account


Sep 18, 2002
I would like to see a feature where each boxtrapper account user can customize their own outgoing boxtrapper verification/reply email.

Is there a way I can do this now? Is it something that someone can impliment right away here at cpanel?

If not can I pay for such a customization?

I posted this as a feature enhancement in your bugzilla. But I was hoping the programmer responsible for Boxtrapper might see this and like the idea. Im sure that others would like this too.

Also another feature I would like is a delete option from the queue page so that we can delete all selected messages from the main queue page rather than having to do so one at a time.

Thanks for your time and consideration and If anyone else would like to see these features please say so here so that they see that it is in demand from us all.

Richard Wing