Custom script to copy a SINGLE backup file to a remote server from a WHM *or* Amazon S3?


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Mar 25, 2002
Hi All,

We host many websites, and one client is asking us for a custom backup solution (in addition to our standard backups policies and procedures that apply to all hosting accounts).

Once a month, he'd like a cron job to kick off a process that copies his latest daily backup file to a remote file server of his choice which he'll supply the authentication credentials for.

That's it.

Oh, and the end of this process should trigger a notification email to him (and us, for our records), to indicate success or failure, including any relevant diagnostics (e.g. "connection timeout") in the event that the copy process doesn't complete successfully.

So can anyone throw me a bone here? E.g.

1. Perhaps there's a cPanel add-on that specifically facilitates this? Will keep Googling...
2. Perhaps someone's written a custom script to do this already, and is prepared to share? :)

(long shot.... as part of our standard backup processes we already copy all backup files to Amazon S3. So the solution I'm looking isn't necessarily to copy a single backup file from a WHM server.... it could be to copy the same file from S3 to another remote location).

Big picture - the solution I'm looking for strikes me as an upsell opportunity to offer up to all our hosting clients who'd like "additional peace of mind" from having a backup file automatically sent to a server that they own/control. This could be especially good for the more paranoid ones who ask the question "what happens to my website and backups if your company goes under?" Answer - pay us extra for a custom backup solution to a server of your choice!




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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You could develop a custom script that utilizes /scripts/pkgacct to backup an account and then transfers the archive to a remote server using a utility such as rsync or SFTP.

Thank you.