Customer can't send mail to one of his customers using an in


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Sep 1, 2002
my customer can't send email to one of his clients using Exchange Server. Wondering if the probs could be with my own customer's acct or is it with his customer's inhouse Exchange server.

Any help in trouble shooting this would be appreciated. For startes...........

1. the mail trouble shoot in WHM says my customers email is fine.
2. checking MX now

Any help is appreciated.


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Sep 4, 2001
If the customer isn't using your server for e-mail then the mail troubleshooter isn't going to help. Check the localdomains file (/etc/localdomains) and see if the domain is there. If it is, remove it. Also, if it's there, there's a chance that the e-mail is in their on-server mailbox. If it isn't in the localdomains file and it's off-server mail not getting through I would check MX records again and make sure their server is responding.