Customer needs utf8 unicode 520 ci


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Jul 28, 2002
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I have a single customer that needs utf8 unicode 520 ci to work for his databases. I found one thread here that listed this tool:

It's old though. Is running this script to change the database the best way to have a single account be able to use utf8 unicode 520 ci for it's database?
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @WebHostPro,

MySQL provides some useful information about database character set and collation on the link below:

MySQL :: MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual :: 10.3.3 Database Character Set and Collation

There's no automated script referenced on the link above, but it's useful for learning general information before proceeding with a third-party script.

I'm not familiar enough with the tool in the link you provided to make a recommendation on it's use, but WordPress offers a guide on the link below that references an example script:

Converting Database Character Sets « WordPress Codex

It's intended for WordPress, but the information and example are applicable should you decide to adjust it for another script's database.

I'm sure you're planning to backup the database beforehand, but for anyone else reading this thread, remember to backup the database before making any changes.

Thank you.