Mar 14, 2003
Irving, TX
I'm looking to find a program/script that makes it possible for sites I install this script on, to be able to run their Hosting company with as little knowledge as possible and allow them to customize the look of it in whichever way they can do with littlest knowledge possible. I want to make it possible for a 72 year old woman who knows a little about business but not much about design or scripting to make her site. That's my goal, bring the easy interface to the people who need it most.

Anyone know of any programs/scripts that kind of go with this? Or anyone know how much it would cost to make this program/script? It must work well with cPanel/WHM since it will be a Reseller thing it should be able to be setup to work with WHM and create plans, accounts and manage it well. Must also include easy to understand documentation if possible.