Media Labz

Mar 1, 2013
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It would be great if themes for cPanel were easier to create and customize, like themes for popular CMS's such as Joomla or Wordpress.

Are there any plans to implement changes to enable this?


Oct 19, 2011
Sugarland, TX
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Hello Media Labz ...

Currently there are no plans to create themes etc. like your talking about with wordpress and joomla, etc.

That said, one of the major factors behind the current 'look' and muted color palette is so that it will be MUCH easier for our partners and users to customize and create their own themes. For example, currently in x3 you have teal and orange everywhere. Which means in order to customize cpanel, even a little you have to change a significant amount of images and css. x4 should resolve a LOT of that and make customizing and creating new themes for cPanel MUCH easier.

Some shameless self promotion here, but I've written a couple blog articles not necessarily addressing the 'themes' issue, but my desire to create a 'clean slate' or solid foundation, that is much more flexible for customization. You can read the blog posts at james | cPanel Blog.

Thanks again for your feedback, and let me know if you have any other questions.