customized skins for WHM & dashboard home screen for WHM


Oct 3, 2013
Greece, Thessaloniki
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using WHM Cpanel for 3 years now. many times i wondered if there was a way to improve various sections for a better and more friendly GUI.

i think it would be nice if there was a feature to change skins in WHM like there is in roundcube. admins like grey/blue/white in general :P

also i think the main whm screen has to be re-designed to function like a dashboard. so it can view some quick cached top stats, let you add custom screens like the following:

- repair mysql database, optimize. (or all of them).
- restart services (or every X hours, minutes).
- quick notification if there is a new version of whm for update.
- system health, disk info, apache status
- daily process log (more detail and choices for mem and cpu with peaks).
- list accounts, modify, create etc.
- mail que manager

all best and congratz for this excellent product called WHM. its a part of our lives


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Apr 7, 2006
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Thank you for the contribution of ideas. Some of these match things we've been discussing internally, such as provide a server health view for admins.