Daily Backup questions/problems


Jan 7, 2004

I have set-up remove backups using FTP (not passive mode) for all accounts.
When looking at my backup server I see it does not have previous days backups!!

This is the way I expected and hoped it would work. - I have selected daily backups (everyday of the week) as well as weekly and monthly - all for each account. I want so I can retrieve the backup for any day.

This is the way it works - on my backup server the directory structure is:

In the daily back up folder there is only 1 copy of the last backup done (not sub-folders with the current week date). Also some of the accounts are 5 days old (does it only backup accounts with changes??)
In the weekly backup folder it also only has one .tar.gz file per account (not sub-folders with each week!!)

Please help in solving this problem.... Im almost certain it should not work this way.

If for example my server gets hacked and defaced an hour before my back-ups are done... then the backup overwrites the previous days... how can I restore a clean copy?

Hope this makes sense.

Many Thanks,


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
If daily backups kept 7 copies, one for each day, and weekly kept 4 copies, one for each week, that would be 11 copies of every site. That would take a ridiculous amount of space no matter how it was done.

Daily is replaced every 24 hours. Weekly is replaced every 7 days. When restoring from a backup you have to choose whichever one is the latest since whatever you're restoring from.

If something is messed up just before the weekly backup is replaced and you don't find out for 24 hours, you don't have a good backup to go to.

That's why we use our own backup system on our servers. We keep 2 days of all customer accounts and 2 weeks of certain ones.