Dangerous behaviour of mysqldump when encoutring a crashed table


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Apr 25, 2012
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Hello ,

yesterday when runing daily backup through ( cpRemote ) we receive mail that /home partition is 100% full !! And CPU usage very high .

after checking we found that mysqldump was hanging and try to dump a crashed table , and keep hanging and eating CPU with no timeouts , and we receive Cpanel alert mail that /home is full to 80% and then 100% !!! may be a dump temporary file was growing and growing indefinetly ..

the issue was solved after REBOOTING the server .

and The /home usage return to normal , ( temporary file has beeen deleted during reboot ? )

Please Cpanel STAFF , try checking and testing mysqldump when there is a crashed table ,most of backups are runing during nights , and if pb occur may be it will be discovered late ( not good for disks ) ,and it could be real nightmare .

PS : sorry fr my poor english :)
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