Data Recovery, how to restore without a valid cpbackup file?

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Jun 29, 2020
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Hello there.

I got a server that completely crashed.
Since the data was on a secondary disk, I was able to recover the data.

However, I now have a user.tar.gz file for each of my users, but that archive was made by me manually, since the server was dead.
Each archive has all the mail, public_html, dns, logs structure, but it's missing a file since the archive was not done by cpanel backup system.

"The extracted archive does not contain a valid cpanel user file."

So. Any way I can manually generate the missing file, put it in the archive and restore it?
Or, can I simply create each emails adress and move the files in each of their directories? But I think that will break the indexation of email?
Public_html is an easy task, same goes for sql and even DNS. Its mainly emails that I don't know how to handle 100% manually.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Nov 14, 2017
I think the only way you'd be able to do this would be to manually place the files in the corresponding directories after recreating the account and extracting the backup file. It's possible to do this with mail and if you're concerned about the dovecot solr indexing you can run the following: The cpanel_dovecot_solr_rebuild_index Script | cPanel & WHM Documentation