Deactivate old CPANEL account from sending out newsletter without deleting files?


Jul 22, 2021
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Hello folks

I would appreciate some advice

What I Did
so I have just copied 1 cpanel account (let's call this CPANEL-1) and the copied version (let's call this CPANEL-2) from one WHM to another WHM account, using the transfer tool and everything seems to be working fine so far. I intend to use CPANEL-2 long term and delete CPANEL-1 abit later.

The cpanel account has only one website and this website sents out daily newsletter (already scheduled 1 month in advance)
I have changed the DNS settings for the domain to point to CPANEL-2' IP Address

My issue
The issue now is I that I have 2 x daily newsletter being sent out from both CPANEL-1 and CPANEL-2,
I do not want to delete CPANEL-1 account or its contents because I'm still testing something on CPANEL-2

So my question is how do I possibly deactivate CPANEL-1 from sending out the daily newsletter without doing anything on the website's files , perhaps on WHM side?,

Again as always thanks in advance


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I would just disable the Exim service on cPanel1 through WHM >> Service Manager, as that would keep email from being sent from that entire system.

For a more advanced solution that would only affect one domain name, you can use the API to suspend email as outlined here: