dedicated emailserver


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Dec 7, 2004
I think this question has been asked before long time ago but there wasn't a solution given at that time.

So, here goes...Is there a way to setup a dedicated email server running cpanel with mailscanner?

Once the emails are scanned, it will be forwarded back to the secondary server. And whenever main server is down, secondary server will take up the job. So, as far as users are concerned, the only access secondary server for sending and receiving.

About the main and secondary server, I think it could be done via the DNS entry in mx records which I am not sure.

What other option is there to create a dedicated email server?

edit : more info here, I actually want that main server to just do email scanning for spam and virus. So, I guess it doesn't need to be running cpanel? Perhaps the secondary machine that needs to be running cpanel with exim and all it's user details. That means main server is just some sort of email scanning robot server that doesn't care if the email is from or to who. Therefore, secondary server could just do without running mailscanner or spamassassin or clamav.
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