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Aug 4, 2004
I already create a sub-domain under cPanel and want now to provide a dedicated IP for this sub-dom.

Do I have just to add a dns entry for the sub-domain and assign a IP?



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Aug 26, 2007

Learn to configure a subdomain to a separate IP address. Very useful for sites with shopping carts who want to look like it's on the same server. Requirements: Cpanel Control Panel and WHM access.

Example: is hosted on server A but the shopping cart store is on server B. You need to make it look like is also on server B. Setup a subdomain to point to a differernt ip address and voila!

1. Edit the Domains DNS Zone
Login to your WHM control panel or manually through SSH and edit a DNS zone, select the domain you wish to modify.

2. Adding the A Record
Create a new record for the subdomain Eg: Type in store for the name, select A record type and then type in the IP address you need it to mask to.

A Entry

3. Ensure it Works
Make sure there isn't an actual subdomain created in the users account that you're trying to point to a different IP address or the pointer/mask will not work!