Dedicated Linux server: Disk is full


Nov 5, 2014
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Good day :)

Since yesterday all our websites on our dedicated Linux server are down. We couldnt even log on our WHM cpanel anymore so had to use SSH access (using putty).
Turns out the disk of the server is full, 90GB in total.
All our websites together only occupy 32GB, and the backups another 40GB.

We deleted 4GB in inactive websites and all websites we're up again. However, within 1 hour the disk was full again and all sites were down :(
We were not uploading anything at that moment, so some software or script or (hopefully not) an infection must be causing the problem.
The only change we recently made has been installing the SOAP protocol on the server. Could this have any relation with this issue?
Any idea how to go about this?

Many thanks for any advice you can give me!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The following document explains how to determine where the disk space usage is coming from:

cPanel - Manage HD Space

Let us know if you have any additional questions after reviewing this document.

Thank you.