Jun 29, 2023
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We have a few VPS licenses and recently bought a dedicated server, so we need a license. We know the difference between bare metal and cloud licenses.

The main site only has cloud versions, so we bought one expecting it to auto-correct when it detected bare metal.

That didn’t happen, so we cancelled the license expecting to buy a dedicated license. We raised a ticket with support, but they didn’t help, so we tried to buy from the WHM interface. That seemed to be OK until we hit an error:

'Cannot Read License FileTo access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active. You can purchase or lease a license directly from cPanel, or from one of our Partners. If you do not currently own a license, register at the cPanel Store and request a trial license.'

I get this error when I click through the GUI on WHM to buy a license.

The system encountered an error when it generated your license order.
Error: “API failure: (XID 5hmhja) This IP had a store monthly license that was cancelled and cannot receive a prorated price until July 28, 2023. Click Here to renew this license.”

Redirecting to the WHM interface …

I understand this is because we bought the cloud license, but I can’t escape this loop. Does anyone know how I can get a bare metal license from cPanel?

It seems crazy to post here, but I cannot get an answer from cPanel.

Thanks, Anais
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