May 12, 2011
Hi there,

Just a quick question, it's never been something that I've come up against before, and I wondered if anyone else had any ideas?

I'm running cPanel on a VPS, with one IP address for all the sites on the VPS. I'm using an external piece of hardware (a printer) that communicates with a web server and views (and subsequently prints) anything on a PHP page. HOWEVER, the printer can only view pages that are in a directory such as: or

It cannot view:

Don't ask me why, but the printer was custom built in China, so it likely has some flaws, but no matter.

What I wondered was, how would I go about placing a PHP file in the default directory?

It seems pretty obvious, but I really can't figure out where that would be. It's not just in the 'home' directory above the user accounts as I had suspected. I'm imagining something this simple will require a lot of configuration... but if anyone can help, I'm all ears!?



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Oct 2, 2010
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Can you view the page that it cannot print, or you also get errors on the page in question?

Also, I'm not entirely certain why online pages that are PHP are being printed by this device. Most time, online pages are meant to be viewed in a browser and only printed when requested by the user's system rather than systematically printed by some device.