defaultwebpage.cgi problem..


Aug 1, 2011
Hello. I am using cpanel on my server.

For first everything was working correctly, but yesterday something has happened. My website started redirecting to defaultwebpage.cgi by itself. Every enw domain i setup redirects to there too. I have checked if my IP is correctly listed in the httpd and yes it is. Also tried rebuilding it in bleeding edge mode of cpanel and eveyr possible fix that I could find in the internet. Unfortunetely non of them worked.

The interesting thing is that when i use anonymouse proxy I get m webite opened, but when I try to login from a computer directly i get redirected to the daultwebpage.cgi .... also the cache is cleaned countless times in my browser and I have as well tried on 2 different computers at home that have never opened the website, even tried restarting my router.

Any help would be higly apreciated.