Delayed email received from @outlook / @hotmail

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CentOS 7.9
cPanel & WHM Version
cPanel 98.0.9


Oct 12, 2021
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Root Administrator
we are getting a new issue regarding receiving emails from known providers: outlook / Hotmail (only )

I've noticed that when sending emails from [email protected] to our mail server [email protected]
it got delayed for +3 hours

I've sent a Test mail at 9:43 am from outlook to our mail server and I got it delivered at 12:24 pm, it is shown on our mail server that it was received at 9:50 am!!
but that's not true for sure

so, I've taken the mail header from the received email in our server and tested it on mxtoolbox
and here's the result
what highlighted in red is our mail server hostname
as you can see there's a delay 3 hours !!

and I've checked Exim Configuration Manager and no delay option is ON as screenshot

and here's Exim_mainlog the time email received

2021-10-27 12:24:27 1mfg6c-0001fe-Tt ( []:31446 Warning: "SpamAssassin as Server detected message as NOT spam (-0.2)"
2021-10-27 12:24:27 1mfg6c-0001fe-Tt <= [email protected] ( []:31446 P=esmtps X=TLS1.2:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:256 CV=no S=7443 [email protected] T="test" for [email protected]
2021-10-27 12:24:27 cwd=/var/spool/exim 3 args: /usr/sbin/exim -Mc 1mfg6c-0001fe-Tt
2021-10-27 12:24:27 SSL_write: (from ( []:31446) syscall: Connection reset by peer
2021-10-27 12:24:27 SMTP connection from ( []:31446 closed by QUIT
2021-10-27 12:24:27 1mfg6c-0001fe-Tt => marwan <[email protected]> R=virtual_user T=dovecot_virtual_delivery C="250 2.0.0 <[email protected]> OGFLINsoeWH4GAAATzqFDA Saved"
2021-10-27 12:24:27 1mfg6c-0001fe-Tt Completed
note: our mail server mails is been replaced with: [email protected]


one more thing

I've tried to send a test email from [email protected] to 2 of our same mail servers "[email protected]" , "[email protected]"

[email protected] received the mail instantly
[email protected] received the mail after 3 hours !!

from where is the delay issue here?

is it from our mail server or from outlook ???

Notes :
note1: track delivery is not showing receiving these emails until I actually received it
note2: in WHM, Mail queue is not showing it
note3: I've tested to send emails from Gmail / Yahoo to our mail server, and there's almost no delay, maybe 1 or 2 minutes to receive it and that's normal and ok with us
Thanks and waiting for your feedback
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Oct 18, 2021
Houston, TX
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Hello! If the first entry in the exim_mainlog for this transaction is from 12:24 PM, but the email was sent at 9:43 AM, it doesn't sound like it's an issue on your server. It appears your server literally didn't receive that email until 12:24 PM. If there was an issue on your server, we might expect to see the email hit the server around 9:43 AM, but then get frozen.

Are you only having these issues with Hotmail and Outlook? How long have you had these delays?


Oct 12, 2021
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Root Administrator
Thanks for your reply

i only face this problem from outlook and hotmail

and this issue wasn’t there couple days ago !!
When i installed cpanel i’ve test sending and receiving from all known providers and all emails are received within 2 min maximum!!

i’ve sent another test email From outlook at 12:44pm and received it at 7:40pm !! So thats a 7 hours delay !!
and theres Also still emails i sent From outlook at 9am and didnt received it yet!!
This delay issue is so random

if i sent couple emails from outlook i might receive one within a minute or 2 And the second one Not yet received.

you are saying the issue isnt from our server!!?
So what should we do to fix the delay issue !!

And hoW to make sure its not from our server ?