Delegate a Subdomain to Different DNS?


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Jan 26, 2005
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I have a subdomain that I need to delegate to DNS servers that are different to where the root domain is pointing. I have seen samples of how this is done in the NAMED.CONFIG, however is there a way to do it from within cPanel? If it's possible, are there any instructions or examples available?



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Jul 28, 2004
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Do you mean you need to point the subdomain to a different IP basically? Normally, a subdomain has the same DNS as the main domain, but to redirect it elsewere, you'd change the A record for the subdomain to point it to that other location.

To do that, simply go to WHM > Edit DNS Zone and select the main domain. In the main domain zone, the subdomain should be listed:

subdomain 14400 IN A IP#
www.subdomain 14400 IN A IP#
Change the IP# to the new server's IP number where you want the domain to be pointed to instead. If instead of IN A it has IN CNAME for the DNS zone for the subdomain, change the CNAME part to A record, then change the part to an IP, since CNAME records take a domain name and A records can only take an IP.


Jul 30, 2010
I was wondering how this could be applied with the subdomain handling mail?

As we are waiting on domain transfers I'm trying to get this resolved.

We are moving a company site form an old host to our server. Our server will only handle the website and the mail will go to their exchange server. Current setup as explained by their current host is this. Website only A HOST "exchange servers IP address"

The exchange server is also resolved to

I would appreciate any guidance.

Current DNS ZONE    14400    IN    MX          0
mail           14400    IN    CNAME    
www.           14400    IN    CNAME    
subdomain.     14400    IN    A                   (remote IP)
www.subdomain. 14400    IN    A                   (remote IP)