deleted account but domain name stills shows


Jun 6, 2011
Hi I deleted an account in whm and noticed the (index of page) still showed and having made a new account on that ip the old domain name still points to the new account.So now both domain names show the same content.Ive looked in the new accounts cpanel and there is no obvious trace of the old account in whm or in the new accounts cpanel. I created the new account within the last 24 hours.How can I completely remove the old account.....thanks.


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Oct 2, 2010
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When you mention the domain still shows, have you checked it isn't caching on your system? Does the domain still work when you try to hit it using a proxy such as or ? If it doesn't, then your system is cached and the domain will quit working after the cache clears.

If the domain does still work in the proxies as well, then please post the domain name for us to check further.