Deleting account that is name server/DNS server


Mar 23, 2011
I searched and did not see my exact problem so before I go do something rash I thought I had better ask!

Here is my situation. I have a bunch of sites on a VPS. I have WHM and cPanel access to all of them. One of them that was running an e-commerce site has been hacked. Fortunately the site is not being used. I basically want to nuke the entire site, either by terminating the account in WHM or another method (if anyone here suggests one).

The problem is that this was the original site on the VPS and as such it is in the host name and is the dns server name. Because of this I'm concerned that if I terminate the account I'm going to have problems even though my intent is to immediately create a new account for the domain because I'm still using email addresses on that domain.

So my questions-

1. If I do what I'm thinking about doing, terminate the account in WHM and then immediately recreate it, am I setting myself up for all sorts of DNS problems?

2. Is there an alternative way to clean the account? To be sure I get rid of all traces of the hack I want to eliminate everything there and have a clean slate.


Aug 26, 2009

This issue may be better served by submitting a support ticket to our support department so that they can look into the configuration directly and see rather or not this is going to cause a problem. Where should I go for support? - cPanel Inc.

In general, as long as the host name is not directly equal to that of the account, there shouldn't be a problem. If the domain for the account and the host name for the account are directly the same, then you should definitely submit a ticket as this shouldn't have been allowed to be created and can cause some serious problems.

If only the website's code was hacked, it should be simple to just delete everything in the /home/username to get rid of the files but I'd use this only as an option of last resort.