Deleting large amounts of old Email from user mailboxes


Feb 2, 2005
I have some users on my server that want to save their spam in a separate mailbox to look over at a later date but that then never delete the old email. Sometimes there are many thousand email in their account before I am notified that it is almost full

There used to be a setting in cpanel to have mail delete automatically after X number of days but I don't find it anymore. Is it still possible somewhere?

Is there a way in WHM for me to delete all mail in a mailbox, or is this a command line operation? (if only by command line, how is it done)

Has anyone used this cPanel Add-on?
Is it a good method for doing this type of user mail management?

Thank you.


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May 16, 2003
The ConfigServer Mail Manager is great and does make it much easier to manage all of the email accounts on the server. I would tell the users that if they are not going to check and delete messages from the spam folder that they should not use it (and probably let their mail exceed the quota so that they have to deal with not getting any mail. :) )