Deleting lots of accounts with no reset between deletions?

Mar 27, 2004
Hey Folks,

I'm running a hosting service and thank good business been good, I have thousands of clients on each of my servers and I recently decided to get few new servers and already copied tons of accounts to the new server because every new account that was created caused over one minute of downtime because of the apache and bind resetting (my apache config files is a several megabytes already).

So in order to reduce the limit I split the accounts over more servers, but now after I copied the accounts I want to delete them from the original servers, but I don't want a reset to occur between one deletion and the other because I need to delete like 800 accounts and with the long resets between deletions it will take an entire day of downtime to do so.

So sorry for the long prefix, but is there a way to delete multiple account WITHOUT having apache or bind reset until the whole deletion of all the accounts is done?

Thank you!
- Ben