Deprecated cPanel API 1 planned for removal AFTER cPanel & WHM version 86


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Jan 29, 2019
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We want to ensure that everyone is informed and prepared for the planned removal of the deprecated cPanel API 1 framework. We intend to have all cPanel API 1 functionality that is still relevant in the system ported to UAPI equivalents. This plan means that your integrations, extensions, scripts, hooks, etc., can quickly be updated and continue operating without interruption.

We want to provide you with access to cPanel functionality in our most feature-rich API. UAPI offers a much more intuitive experience by having consistent formats for both data output and error reporting, as well as some more advanced organization methods (filter, sort, columns, etc.) for the data being returned.

The current plan is to have cPanel API 1 retired in version 88, contingent on first ensuring that the UAPI equivalents are in place. By doing so, servers with cPanel API 1 dependencies can remain on the version 86 LTS (Long-Term Support) for up to approximately a year to resolve these dependencies.

We are currently maintaining a table of cPanel API 1 equivalents in the Guide to Replacing cPanel API 1 Functions with UAPI Equivalents with new UAPI functions being added with every release. This table is a great starting point to find what UAPI you need in order to replace your cPanel API 1 function(s). Each cPanel API 1 function's documentation also includes a link to any existing UAPI equivalents.

Additional information can be found in our blog post with the release of cPanel & WHM version 82. Please post any questions that you have in this thread.
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